//Astana Nurly Zhol Railway Station
(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

Astana Nurly Zhol Railway Station

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Astana Nurly Zhol Railway Station is the main railway station in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. As part of the infrastructure build up to EXPO-2017, the station is located near Mynzhyldyk Alley with a new capacity of 35,000 it was opened on June 1, 2017.

The new station features a 45,000ft² mixed-use terminal building, a 70,000m² car park, and an enclosed space of roughly 130,000m², including a metal-covered, 2,550m-long railway platform. The Astana Nurly Zhol railway station is 11 times larger than the Astana-1 railway station with a height of 49.5m, width of 116m and length of 630m. It has a monolithic steel roof formed of three continuous aluminum plates, which runs from one end to the other as wavy lines with intervals between them.

The continuous roof plates and soffit are constructed of aluminum honeycomb panels and PVDF aluminum wall panels supplied by Arrow Dragon Metal Products.

Material details

20mm roller painting honeycomb panel, 0.8mm face sheet+18.4mm honeycomb core(A6*0,04) +0.8mm bottom sheet,

2.0mm PVDF flat aluminum wall panel and PVDF bend aluminum wall panel

Color: RAL7036

Area: 13000m²   (nearly 140,110ft²)


The lightweight panels add very little weight to the building, with gorgeous decorative performance.

With PVDF (fluorocarbon) coating, the panels with good weather ability and great corrosion resistance.

The double curved aluminum cladding panels are easy to install and cost-effective.

The panels are easy to stain, convenient to clean and maintain.

The panels are with the petty good heat insulating and soundproof property.

aluminum honeycomb panels
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