//National Library in Astana
(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

National Library in Astana

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The building of the National Library, located adjacent to the Presidential Palace in Astana, Kazakhstan. It covers 30,457 square meters, includes President digital museum, President’s digital library and central controlling offices of presidential funds of Kazakhstan.

The building has the special design of the roof, with a span of 90 m, which provides diffuse daylight from the North and prevents direct sunlight to the reading rooms. The exterior wall is constructed of lightweight stone veneer aluminum honeycomb panels supplied by Arrow Dragon Metal Products.

Material details

25mm stone honeycomb panel, 7mm marble stone+18mm honeycomb panel

Honeycomb panel specs: 0.8mm face sheet+16.4mm honeycomb core (A4*0.06) +0.8mm bottom sheet

Stone: Vietnam crystal white marble veneer

Area: 9000m² (nearly 97,000ft²)


The marble face panels are of natural beauty and high quality.

The lightweight panels add very little weight to the building, only 2/5 weight of stone slab.

Installation of the panels is much easier and quicker than that of regular stone slabs.

The stone veneer aluminum honeycomb panels are durable and with petty good weather resistance.

stone veneer aluminum honeycomb panels
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