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Project Description

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2018)

Stone Veneer Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Kinds of Stone Granite, marble, onyx, limestone, sandstone, quartz
Stone thickness 3mm – 8mm
Aluminum facesheet Aluminum alloy 5052H24/3003H24
 Thickness: 0.05-1.2mm
Aluminum base sheet Aluminum alloy 5052H24/3003H24
Thickness: 0.5-1.2mm
Honeycomb core Aluminum alloy 3003 H24
foil thickness: 0.04-0.07mm, side length: 4-7 mm
thickness can be up to 200mm
Adhesive Polymer adhesive film
Bio-component modified epoxy resin
Bio-component modified polyurethane
Coating Fluorocarbon roller coating
Powder spraying coating
Length 500mm to 4000mm.
Width 500mm to 1500mm.

Arrow Dragon ultra-thin stone veneer honeycomb panel is a high-tech product produced by the compound of 3mm-5mm thick slices of natural granite/marble and aluminum honeycomb panels. Stone veneer aluminum honeycomb panel keeps the natural beauty of stone, but without the shortcoming of heavyweight or fragility that typically accompanies it.

These kinds of panels use a thin piece of natural stone veneer (typically around 3-5mm thick) which is attached to a special aluminum honeycomb backing panel that provides extremely good strength and durability. The two pieces are bonded together with industrial strength glue under high temperature and pressure so that these panels are made to last. (Natural stone veneer + Aluminum sheet + Aluminum honeycomb core + Aluminum sheet).

The ultra-thin stone veneer honeycomb panel combines the advantages of natural stone and aluminum honeycomb panel: bright color, natural, high bond strength, good rigidity, high flatness, sound insulation and heat insulation, fireproof (does not burn), weather ability, durable, easy to clean and anti-pollution. In addition, the traditional installation difficulties or fragile problems do not exist. The panels can be formed as either convexity or concavity, which offers an almost unlimited number of ways of usage and application.



  • Lightweight, high strength, super rigidity and flexural strength.
  • Sound insulation and heat insulation.
  • Strong earthquake resistance and fireproof.
  • Fine weather resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Solid and durable, with natural beauty.
  • Easy and secure installation, and put less load on buildings.
  • Material saving, time-saving, labor-saving, and low installation cost.
  • Custom made to the size and shape required for the specific project.

National Library in Astana. Construct of marble aluminum honeycomb panels.
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Stone veneer aluminum honeycomb panels can be used in commercial, hospitality, financial, government, educational and other functional construction projects throughout the world.

Architects can use the stone aluminum honeycomb panels for wall cladding, architecture façade cladding for exterior and interior of buildings, ceilings, soffits, column coverings, partitions, luxury furniture or cabinets. The lightweight panels are quick and easy to install, making them as the ideal material for fast-track project.

The durability, lightweight stone honeycomb panels reduce the amount of structural support required an makes it easier to over-clad or retrofit existing buildings.