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Project Description

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2018)

Industrial Honeycomb Core

Stainless Steel Honeycomb Core

Arrow Dragon offer high quality honeycomb core to our customers, including kinds of aluminum honeycomb core and steel honeycomb core.

Aluminum honeycomb is a kind of lightweight core material offering excellent strength and good corrosion resistance for industrial applications at low cost. It is usually made from 3003 or 5052 aluminum alloy foil. The interconnected honeycomb cores are like thousand of double T shape steel panels. The core layer is distributed on the whole panels, with a good resistance of shearing, bending, and compression. The honeycomb core is divided into many sealed room, which restrains air circulation in honeycomb panel and greatly prevents the heat transmission and sound propagation. So it is a  material for good thermal insulation and sound insulation and is widely in many fields, such as construction, furniture, purification, transportation, EMI shielding, lighting, machinery, solar energy etc.

Steel honeycomb is mainly for aerospace and civil areas. Steel honeycomb is made of special foils. Instead of adhesive bonding, steel honeycomb is welded in the hexagonal shape. Steel honeycomb is mainly used for aerospace and civil areas, such as EMI shielding, air ventilation, and heat radiation, which have special requirements for high-temperature resistance and air uniform.


Data Details for Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Aluminum alloy: 3003H18, 5052H18

Find out available cell size, foil thickness and expanded dimension below:

Specification Super micro-aperture honeycomb Micro-aperture honeycomb
Cell size available 1/30″ (0.87mm) 1/25″  (1.04mm) 1/15″ (1.73mm) 1/10″ (2.6mm) 1/8″ (3.17mm) 1/6″ (3.47mm) 1/5″ (5.2mm)
Alu foil Alloy &thickness (mm) 3003H18 0.025,0.03 3004H18 0.025,0.03 3005H18 0.04 3003H18 0.04, 0.05,0.06 3003H18 0.04,0.05,0.06, 0.07,0.08,0.1
5052H18 0.04,0.05,0.06 5052H18 0.04,0.05,0.06
Max expanded size (mm)  300×300 300×300 1000×1000 1200×1200 1500×1500  2000×1600 2000×1700
Specification Reguar honeycomb
Cell size available 1/4″ (6.35mm) 1/3″ (8.47mm) 3/8″ (9.53mm) 1/2″ (12.7mm) 3/4″ (19.05mm) 4/5″ (20.32mm) 1″ (25.9mm)
Alu foil Alloy &thickness (mm) 3003H18  0.04,0.05,0.06,0.07,0.08,0.1
5052H18  0.04,0.05,0.06
Max expanded size (mm)  8000×1700


Industrial honeycomb core can be used for EMI shielding vent panel, cooling agent carrier, air cooling in textile equipment, lamp decorative piece, laser-beam cutter panel,  crystal lattice for the electric heater.

Stainless Steel Honeycomb Core is specially used for resisting high temperature.